Associate Professor John Thangarajah

Dr. John Thangarajah is a Professor in the area of Artificial Intelligence at RMIT University, Australia.  John leads the research and development of TDF with over 15 years experience working with Intelligent Agent Systems, with particular expertise in Agent Oriented Software Engineering and Agent Reasoning

Over the last seven years he has been part of $2 million in research funding from the government and industrial sectors, including several research contracts with the Defence Science Technology group. He has published extensively across many high quality conferences and journals. His contributions to his field of research is well recognised by his research community and was appointed as program co-chair of the top conference in agent based research (AAMAS 2016).


Dr. Rick Evertsz (Senior Post Doctoral Researcher)

Rick Evertsz is a cognitive scientist with over 25 years experience in cognitive modelling, cognitive architectures and BDI agent systems, particularly in the area of military behaviour modelling. He has been lead scientist on a wide range of international projects including: agent-oriented optimisation of air traffic flow, modelling military rules of engagement, and the development of a BDI-based cognitive architecture that can be used to predict how emotions impact human decision-making.

 His current focus is on how best to elicit and model human tactical decision making in a way that is intuitive to domain experts.

Dr. Nitin Yadav (Post Doctoral Researcher)

Dr. Nitin Yadav is a research fellow at School of Computer Science, RMIT University. His research interests lie in using agent oriented programming, verification of agent designs, automated controller synthesis, and application of computer science to other areas such as Finance. In addition to research, he is also active in research directed software development. 

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