Grants and Awards

Funded Research Projects (total over $1.45 million) 

2016 Industry Grant Project with DST Group - $56,126. Team tactics specifications methodology  John Thangarajah

2016 DSI Grant  - $15,000,  Modelling Team Behaviour for intelligent agent systems - John Thangarajah

2016 DSI Grant together with Agent Oriented Software - $45,000, Introducing teaming to the intelligent Watch Dog (iWD) - John Thangarajah

2016 DSI Grant with DST Group - $22,500, Specification and Discovery of Team Tactical Behaviour - John Thangarajah

2015/2016 Industry Grant Project with DST Group - $145,000, Demonstrate and evaluate Tactical Development Framework -John Thangarajah 

2015 Industry Grant Project with ACER - $62,500, Intelligent Tutoring Environment - John Thangarajah, Fabio Zambetta

2015 Industry Grant Project with ANZ - $30,000,  Gamification of Retirement Planning - Fabio Zambetta, John Thangarajah

2014/2015 Industry Grant Project with DSTO (Defence project) - $165,000, Tactical Simulation Elicitation and Development - John Thangarajah 

2014 Industry Grant Project with DSI (Defense Science Institute) - $17,500, Code generation for Tactic Development Framework Tool - John Thangarajah

2013/2014 Industry Grant Project with DSI (Defense Science Institute) - $25,000,  Tactic Development Framework support Tool - John Thangarajah

2013 Industry Grant Project with DSTO (Defence project) - $135,000, Modelling Tactics in BDI Agent Systems for Undersea Warfare Simulations - John Thangarajah 

2011 ARC Linkage Grant LP110100050 - $225,000, Tools, Methodologies and Reasoning Support for Developing Companion Toy Modules - Lin Padgham, John Thangarajah, Wei Liu

2010 ARC Discovery Grant DP1094627 - $275,000, Intention Selection in Intelligent Agent Systems - Lin Padgham, John Thangarajah, Sebastian Sardina 

2010 ARC Linkage Grant LP100100037 - $230,000, Automated Testing in Multi- Agent System Development - Lin Padgham, John Thangarajah, Tim Miller

2007 Emerging Researchers Grant Award - $20,000,  Suspending and Resuming Goals in Intelligent Systems - John Thangarajah


2011 Telstra Innovation Challenge Winner : Open-ended conversation based question answering system. I presented the ideas to the Telstra board of execs and featured on the front page of “The Australian” newspaper IT section on the 24/01/2012.

2005 Best demonstration award : at the Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent conference: Demonstrations were peer reviewed in a similar manner to conference papers by 3 members of a program committee. Approximately 35 demonstrations were considered, of which, my demonstration of the PDT system was awarded the sole "best demonstration" award.

2004 The Microsoft Prize for Academic Excellence in the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Program

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